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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 8, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> well done. shepard smith straight ahead. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" in box one, a raging wildfire in arizona, threatening more homes that continues to spread out-of-control. and officials in neighboring new mexico are now warning people that they should be ready to leave at any moment. the live report ahead. box two details on what cadaver dogs found look through the home of casey anthony. our nation building efforts in afghanistan could fall apart after american soldiers leave the country. that's the new and not surprising congressional report that calls on the president to rethink part of his war strategy. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00, the new details on congressman
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weiner's junk mail scandal. the former chairman of the democratic national committee joining the ranks of those calling for the congressman to step down. other democrats distanced themselves from congressman weiner because now a high profile democratic has demanded his resignation. >> you can see why people are upset with folks in politics on both sides of aisle things like this happen in unfortunate ways and lying is unforgivable. lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign. >> the number ""politico" reports that he apologized for the lewd exchanging with multiple women, to the former president bill clinton. and the former presidentive official 80ed at his wedding and his wife is an aide to secretary of state hillary clinton. they are overseas. and now, we are lending a new x rated picture of congressman
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weiner's private part is on the internet and now live to the newsroom. that photograph of a conservative blogger that he said would not release is now out there. >> it is out there although breitbart indicated he would not release it, it is allegedly of congressman weiner, an x rated foe they and he said he was holding it back and did not want to make it public but he said it was secretly snaps of the completely explicit photograph and breitbart was on the show and another company posted it. breitbart said it was released without his permission saying "i'm mortified this is the first time secretly grabbed a photo, a complete breach of our arrangement it would not be made public and a complete violation
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of trust." and now it could add to his trowels trying to sure up support after the emotional news conference, reaching out to bill clinton to apologize and there are reports that clintons are stressed bit scandal. after all, his wife, huma, is close to the clintons , a top aide to mrs. clinton for years and started as an intern in her office in 1996 and right now is accompanying the secretary of state on a mission and they should be landing any moment. >>shepard: more details regarding the messages that he sent. >>reporter: more explicit messages are made public and the website www.radaronline released explicit messages, where a woman calls him "favorite dirty face booker," and now she is sending
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a letter to the wife expressing deepest apologies saying she honestly meant no harm but he has admitted sharing explicit messages with at least six women and so far, three have come forward. >>shepard: thank you, eric. government lawyers today fighting off the biggest legal challenge yet to the president's health care law. it is happening in a federal court in atlanta. lawyers are trying to appeal an early ruling that declares the overhaul unconstitutional. all of this after 26 states filed suit claiming the government cannot legally require americans to buy insurance. the white house officials argue that without the requirement, taxpayers and people who have insurance end up footing the bill for others. the rules against the administration is on hold for the appeals process. our senior national correspondent is live in atlanta. what happened at the hearing today, john? >>reporter: good morning. the argument was made to the
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11th circuit to overtown the florida decision saying the mandate in the affordable care act that nearly everyone has to have health insurance and constitutional and necessary for the entire act to function. the opposition of 26 states including other victims say no, it is the opposite, congress does not have the power to say things like that. if they have the power to compel you to buy health insurance maybe they could compel you to buy a car or to buy a gym membership. here is the texas attorney general earlier. >> there is nothing in the constitution that authorizes congress to pass a law that forces americans to go out and purchase a product. and if this law is upheld, there are potentially no limits to congressional power. >>reporter: that's a question that the chief judge, the lone republic appointee made, saying if we find that this individual mandate requiring most members
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to buy health insurance is constitutional, are there any limits to constitutional power and the actioning solicitor general said "yes," but it did not sound like the court was convinced. >>shepard: the court will make it to the supreme court, we told? >>reporter: there are two cases heard by appellate courts so far, one in the 4th circuit and one in the 6th but this is the only case that includes the states, individuals, and private business. the attorneys general i spoke with say they believe this one has a really good chance of getting to the supreme court. they expected a decision in the next floor or four months and could be before the supreme court in a year. >>shepard: john, thank you from atlanta. wildfire alert, out-of-control fire in eastern arizona is threatening to jump into new mexico, the second largest in the state of arizona history and it is already forced more than
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3,600 to leave their home and many evacuations, in towns, including south fork. officials say the fire is still not contained at all, and it is moving fast. >> took a lot of hard work to get here, but at least we can get out of here safe and sound. that's our main purpose. >> i have seen two big fires here. and i stayed through both of them. i really feel confident about all the work we have done here for the last 20 years to make this place fire safe. >> making it worse, firefighters are facing another brutal day of hot, dry weather. and now, from our west coast newsroom. what are the crews doing? very report well, this is new the number one firefighting priority in the nation, and this fire has burned an area twice the size or larger, rather, than phoenix and now headed east toward the new mexico border, so, what are crews doing? sending control backfires so the fire has less fuel to consume
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and clearing a lot of space to make fire lines around homes, and that is working, only 11 structures have burned so far. >> there in guarantee with fire. but, we have a good plan and if we didn't think we had a decent chance of success, we would not be putting the people and the man power and energy into it. >>reporter: there is a lot of manpower on the fire, 2,500 on the fire lines from all over the country and, unfortunately, more hot, dry weather today. maybe a little break in the weather tomorrow. but we will see. >>shepard: and the latest on evacuation efforts? >>reporter: last night another 2,000-plus residents were evacuated from the town you mentioned because the flames were coming two miles from the town but now, all of those homes were kept safe because of the efforts of the firefighters but if the weather was not enough officials now suspect that the fire is to blame for rolling power outages, and there are reports of gasoline short
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averages. so, difficulties all around for the firefighters and we have also learned that arizona senator kyl and his wife had to leave because they have a small cabin, packing up saturday morning. they still don't know if their cabin is safe. we will find out. >>shepard: thank you, from los angeles this afternoon. thank you. recent presidents show the economy is hurting president obama's overall approval rating with the voters. but it does not help the republicans who want his job. we will get into that with juan williams next. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
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tornadoes that struck the region in alabama and toward auburn and they have had a hard time in alabama the past few months and the president is reminding of what is port like family and home and togetherness. and, today, it's go tigers, the national champions. president obama says we're in a tough fight to get out of what he calls a "crippling recession." today he made remarks at northern virginia community college in a speech calling now increase training for manufacturing job. american manufacturers cut 5,000 jobs, the first loss for that sector in seven months. and of course the unemployment rate is now to 9.1 percent. leader is the president. >> we slowly referring from a very painful recession. but there are too many people out there who are still out of work. without a job that allows them to save money, or to create the life they want for their families. that's unacceptable to me.
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it's unacceptable to all of you. >>shepard: despite a number of polls that indicate a majority of americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy president obama leads romney, 47 percent to 41 percent in a trial poll for the 2012 race. not that any of this means anything at all, all these months ahead but it is wednesday so wednesday's with juan williams political analyst from washington, dc. every cycle a year and a half before the run for the white house, we make fun of the polls, but, again, here they are. the economy is huge. >>juan: what is interesting to me, for a long time, people said, you know what, president bush is to blame for the country's economic ills and new we see in the polls people are saying it is president obama's economy and that is a huge shift and a problem for the obama white house because if people are saying it is your responsibility, you have had the
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opportunity to fix it and you have not they may make him pay at the poll. >>shepard: and you try and capitalize on the problem, what did i hear the last hour? this is at the intersection of politics and economics, and, here we have a serious problem and it feels like the two sides are fighting against each other. >>juan: and the middle is the american people and if you remember what he said by way of explanation, even today when he was out at the community talking talking about putting community colleges and congresses to produce more jobs, he said we are coming out of a situation where we had dire circumstances two years ago when he took the helm, and the people now are getting hit by a truck, as president obama latest analogy because they gave up on the car in 9 ditch, this we decided that was in the working, but, even so, right now, what you are seeing in the polls, but what is
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key, if the american public's perception is, we are starting to buy the republican line that the stimulus was a negative. and it just wasted money and if president obama doesn't have any good idea, and maybe some of the republican challengers, including pawlenty are coming forward with new ideas if this guy is not working, why not give someone else a shot that bad news for the re-election effort for the president. >>shepard: and the particulars did not matter so much. look at pawlenty matched with president obama, 48 percent to 36 percent. and the other one that could be of some concern for people who think she could run for the presidency, is one that came out on sarah palin. not much there. >>juan: i'm glad you said it. in the way of numbers, i don't see it's there and if you dig in, and you start looking at approval and disapproval numbers
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for the former alaska governor, the numbers are terrible for her, so, what you have is, tremendous support among tea party types who see her as a voice who is willing to challenge this president and they want someone who will take it to obama viscerally and sarah palin can do that. but is she a viable general election candidate? just sitting here looking at the numbers, i would say there is no way jose. >>shepard: juan williams, thank you. the u.s. government is accusing syria of putting together a secret nuclear program as the regime tried to crush its own people, literally murdering them in the streets there is new pressure from outside the borders and the biggest oil producers make a move that will affect how much eve and every one of us pays for gas every day. the big move and the results. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and forces loyal to the libyan leader, muammar qaddafi, launched a deadly attack on a rebel held city called misurata and they have killed ten rebels. the lib beyond officials taking a group of journalists to see what they say is the aftermath of a nato bombing raid after hitting tripoli on tuesday with 40 airstrikes and, today, another ten explosions reportedly hit the libyan capital. there is fear of more blood shed in syria as the government troops move in on anti-government protesters after months of violent clashes there. at the same time, the united states and allies today put new pressure on syria over the nuclear ambitions. at issue, a covert nuclear plant that united nations officials say appears to have been capable of producing plutonium before israeli war planes bombed the facility back in 2007, and
3:22 pm
plutonium is a key component in nuclear weapons. is far inexpectors have in the gotten access to the site and jonathan hunt is in new york. what do we know of the facility? >>jonathan: it is a facility that was bombed by the israelis back in 2007. u.n. weapons inspecters went in, in 2008, and they found clear evidence that it was being the to make nuclear weapons. but since the summer of 2008, they have not been allowed back in to inspect the facility, or three other locations related to that facility. that is the great worry they have not been allowed back in and that is why there is now a new move on the part of the united states and other western nations to get a u.n. resolution condemning syria's action. >>shepard: that the critics say is pointless anyway. >>jonathan: one was destroyed by the israelis in 2007 and
3:23 pm
critics from the state department say if there are u.n. resolutions, they will be as useless as they have been in dealing with countries like north korea and nuclear ambitions. >> north korea has been sanction to round after round after round and that is what we can expect through syria. the way to pursue this is working with governments that share our values and using that to put pressure on the regime to go, not by relying on the u.n. security council. >>jonathan: critics say that this is the wrong resolution on the wrong subject at the wrong time and the international community should be focused on pressuring president assad to institute reforms, or step aside, given the way the protests in syria, or the protesters are suffering in syria. >>shepard: and jonathan is chatting away on this story and others through the
3:24 pm >> opec decided not to increase production and oil prices are subjecting, the first time in two decades they failed to reach an agreement on crude oil and the first time iran's oil ministers presided over the session. one officials said it was the worse meetings they ever had. many analysts expected an increase in production. and we reported the expectations last night. oil is now trading above $100 a barrel, and opec accounts for 40 percent of all of the crude. >> a tip from a self-proclaimed psychic had investigators looking for a mass grave in texas. it made headline an the world after reports of 30 bodies including children were said to be mutilated and --ed in a rural area outside houston. and the f.b.i. got involved and the cops brought in, a crazy scene, but they found nothing and now they are looking for the
3:25 pm
psychic who sent them on a wild goose chase. who goes out looking on word of a psychic? computer experts have said somebody searched for information on "internal bleeding" and "chloroform," on the home computer of casey anthony. that part of new testimony in the mom's murder trial. the details are ahead. and what the can -- cadaver dogs found. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes. now it's quicker and easier for you to start your business... protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b," the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. cadaver dogs searching backyard at casey anthony's house and her car alerted police to the odor of human decomposition, the testimony from police dog handler on the 13th day of the trial of the central florida mom accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and says her dog, he focused on one area in particular, saying it was the area another cadaver dog alerted about that day. >> he checked a couple of corners of the area and his nose was down and he spent approximately three or four minutes searching in the backyard. i saw there was an "area of interest," he kept going back do and sniffing pretty hard. he finally came back to that same area after making another lap of the yard and gave a final
3:30 pm
indication over one location in the backyard. >>shepard: when he returned a second time to continue the search the crime scene units had been working in that area and the dog lost the scent. earlier this week prosecutors called several witnesses to testify about the smell in casey anthony's car, and an odor her mother said reminded her of a dead body. other experts testify they found traces of chloroform in her trunk and they say it is a schedule associated with decomposition and it can be used to sedate someone. and now, over to phil from the courthouse. the jury has heard a lot about chloroform already, right? >> three summers ago the detectives confiscated all accessible electronics to casey anthony including the desk top and laptop and at the parents'
3:31 pm
house this is where they are talking about premade station murder, internet searches of the term "chloroform" on march 17 and march 21 in 2008. somebody on the desk top computer in the anthony home google of chloroform and looked for "alcohol," "self-defense," and "internal bleeding," where, according to investigators, the following address was then typed into the computer. and cindy anthony did not establish a page until june or july of 2008 and the sevens were done in march and only casey anthony had the page on my space. >>shepard: and there was testimony over her cell phone? >>reporter: they heard more importantly what was not found
3:32 pm
in casey anthony's cell phone. there was nothing for a gonzalez or fernandez, the famous and now fictitious nanny that supposedly kidnapped caylee in the summer of 2008 and they fund that the sym card has nothing for the gonzalez or the nanny, and while the nation was searching for caylee anthony in 2008 it was all an imaginary person. >>shepard: thank you from the courthouse in downtown orlando, thank you. and now to the lawyers, former prosecutor arthur aidala and criminal against attorney. you try to put puzzles together as prosecutors, and how are you feeling about this thing? there is a lot there, randy. >> there's not. not murder one. i say it and i keep saying it and what we are seeing now is confirming it. the question for you: when you
3:33 pm
think about killing somebody, how --. >>shepard: i don't think of killing someone. >>guest: is chloroform the first thing that comes to your mind. >>shepard: frankly, i don't know. >> that doesn't matter. >> of course it matters you do not use chloroform to kill somebody but to knock them out. >>shepard: you don't want to hear your daughter scream. >> which means you didn't mean to kill her you meant to knock her out. >> so this is the defense clearly? >> it is in the murder one. >> the defense about the drowning in the swimming pool, that is always telling me to watch greta and i watched her last night, thank you, shep and she has all the evidence, greta has the evidence. she does the interview with grandma the month she is missing and she says, what happened is at the swimming pool, a above ground fool, the only way though do that is climb up the ladder and she said on june 15th the
3:34 pm
ladder was not this. >> i got a news flash for you: it still does not make it murder one because he took a ridiculous position in my opinion, so did the prosecution. as you like to say, they boxed themselves in with premeditation. they should have said here is a kid who wanted to knock her doubt out, and she wanted to go out and have a good time and she accidentally killed the kid and she freaks out. she doesn't have to have a defense, the burden is on the prosecution my friend. >> look what phil said on her cell phone, no ex-boyfriend, no -- so she lied about what happened to her daughter, now she lies to make a scheme ... there is a cumulative effect with the jury. >>guest: but it is in consistent with premed
3:35 pm
indication. >> just so we are clear, she will be found guilty of murder two. >>guest: no, no, no, she ought to be convicted of aggravated manslaughter but the problem is the prosecution has so overplayed their hand. >>shepard: what about the drowning? >>guest: the jury could feel sympathy toward her and believe that the lawyer is in way over her head and done incredibly dumb things. but the bottom line is, the prosecution should have presented this case as an agent gravitied manslaughter, and she not looking at the needle, not looking at life. that is what happened. >> in terms of premeditation, the evidence of the computer search for color form is going to play anything in the jurors' mind whether there was spontaneous emotional disturbance, you come in your wife is sleeping with another man and you take a baseball bat and kill him opposed to march 17, she is researching chloroform. >>guest: there will be, i promise, i promise, i promise
3:36 pm
you there will be jurors in the back saying, wait, chloroform to kill somebody? no, you use chloroform unless you watched "ruthless people," you never see it. >> maybe one of the jurors thought she didn't want to hear her daughter diet when she killed her. >>guest: too sophisticated. she wanted to put the girl asleep and they went too far. the prosecution is overplaying because they boxed themselves into a corner. >>guest: if that is it, why doesn't the lawyer say i will save your life and you will not get the death penalty and i will say you made a mistake you wanted the kid to sleep for eight hours so you went partying and you killed her by mistake, you will get 10 years but i will save your life. >>shepard: sad to watch it. i tell you that.
3:37 pm
>>guest: what a tragedy. >>shepard: maybe daddy, grandfather, helped cover it up, i suppose all that is possible. but it is pitiful. >>guest: everything bad. it is awful. >>shepard: it launched a new television network. nice to see you, both, thank you. >> more than 1,000 american lives and hundreds of billions of dollars just washed into afghanistan. and what do we get out of it, exactly? basically, nothing. according to a report from congress. like that's such a shocker. details ahead. also, a missing college student with a heart condition and police described situation as "foul play," what investigators are saying about the girl who wandered off. ♪
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3:41 pm
complex where the missing girl lives as hundreds of volunteers searched for any sign. police have no suspect and little information in the case of the sophmore lauren spierer but they claim they do suspect foul play. trace, surveillance video is coming out wax to we know of the timeline? >>trace: it is from lauren spierer's apartment complex where she lived and it is helping them to fill in the gaps of what happened. we know she went to a sports bar early that night with friends and they say she had, in fact, been drinking. after that at 2:30 in the morning she went back with a friend to her apartment complex but she was only in the lobby and did not go into the apartment. at 2:40 in the morning, she was seen leaving with that friend to go to a different apartment complex a few blocks arm, got there, met other friends and went to a third apartment in that very same complex. at 4:30 in the morning, she told
3:42 pm
her friends she wanted to go home and one of the friends watched her leave. listen. >> i will say the acquaintance watched her walk away because she said she wanted to go home. and he watched her to see if she was making it all right and that is as far as he watched. >>trace: that is as far as he watched the last time she was seen. the video inside her apartment complex as she walked out, police say shows no sign of her being coerced to leave the building. >>shepard: police have more evidence? >>trace: they used the battering ram to break into the apartment and they pulled out surveillance video and computer hard drives so they can scan them and they found her shoes, and her cell phone, at the sports bar she was at, and they found her purse, and they found keys along the route define her apartment complex and her
3:43 pm
friend's apartment complex. it is in the clear if she dropped them while walking or on her way back. they are analyzing that. the bottom line, they have very little to go on and they could use a break. >>shepard: trace, thank you, from los angeles. a top al qaeda leader says osama bin laden will remain a source of horror even in death. the long time second in command making the first public comments on the killing of osama bin laden, and he says bin laden terrified americans to live and will continue to terrify them after death. there are still images from the video posted online, and fox cannot confirm or verify the all then advertisist and zawahiri is considered a likely successor to bin laden but it is in the clear who will take over leadership such as it is. >> the u.s. mission in afghanistan is not working according to a congressional
3:44 pm
investigation out today. the investigation found that after many years and billions upon billions upon billions of dollars spent, the country would fall into chaos when the united states and international troops leave. at issue is lack of security. institutional structure. and wide-spread poverty. not to mention all the corruption. the white house today acknowledged the challenges but pointed to progress. >> it is important to note afghanistan has made significant progress. and the presumption our assistance has contributed little and that afghanistan has made no problem is just wrong and we disagree with that. >>shepard: but the report is urging the white house to rethink the strategy. and now the bureau chief for times of london live from capitol hill newsroom. nice to see you. it is not as if these are revelations that a corrupt government with no structure would fall apart in the face of
3:45 pm
the taliban when the united states is out and the realization is coming along that no politician is going to end this because it would be political suicide to do so. >>reporter: that is true, this is another sad case of aid not working but it is on steroids and the phrase we use to describe the steroids is "war economy," a phrase that senator john kerry used today. we are looking at a timeline of about three years after which nato and the united states will pull out leaving an economy 97 percent dependent on military and foreign aid spending and how will it survive? the forecast from this report which i should say is produced by democrats on the senate foreign affairs committee, not the republicans, is that they will slip into depression and there is no overarching economic policy which a lot of john kerry's advisor and people
3:46 pm
seeking the ear of the president want. we expect that at some point, but, today, as you saw, the white house is pushing become and they are saying it is in the news to us that afghanistan has problems, but we are continuing with our mission which is to degrade, dismantle and defeat al qaeda. >>shepard: 97 percent of all economic activity is a direct result of the united states or its coalition military, 97 percent? >>reporter: excluding opium and poppy revenues. >>shepard: who could think that is sustainability, 97 percent of an economy outside of poppies is dependent pop the military operations and who thinks this could be successful? who is that person? >>reporter: obama is sticking with the policy which is part of a broader military and civilian strategy crafted by general
3:47 pm
petraeus who will come back later this year but some of the figures are more extraordinary. the total afghanistan education budget is $35 million, the sum spent at the moment each year by u.s. taxpayers on what they call "capacity building," and no one knows what that is, is 35 times that sum $1.25 billion and i asked someone who is consulted, what is capacity building and they said, it is almost impossible to say. it is basically beltway bandits, the phrase used, being paid or costing the u.s. taxpayer between half a million per person per year to coach selected afghans, in, for example, how to hold a meeting. now, that is not good value for money for the american taxpayer and it is not what afghanistan needs now, the point that john kerry is trying to make. >>shepard: very depressing. nice to have you here. thank you.
3:48 pm
and officials at nasa are keeping a close eye on outer space after a huge explosion on the surface of the sun. did you see this? how what happened millions of miles away could affect all of us. plus a group of teens risking lies to save four people from a burning car. burning car. that story is next. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love.
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>>shepard: scientists at nasa have never seen anything like this, a massive explosion on the surface of the sun releasing a radiation storm, headed to earth now. the experts say there is a possibility it could affect g.p.s. and satellites and power grids. nasa folks say the blast launched solar particles into space at a speed of 3.1 million miles per hour.
3:52 pm
faster than a race car on the long island expressway. some of the particles are expected to hit earth tonight. be very afraid. and now, the science and technology editor from fox is with us. it does not sound good. >> it is safe for most of us, the people in plains and astronauts on the space station could experience something akin to an x-ray but the ramifications are bigger. >>shepard: some say it could affect satellites are on phone, so i wonder ... >>guest: well congress is worried, there is $100 million budget initiative they created, a whole organization just to look at this and figure how it can be protects but the satellites, that is will i don'ting a lot of things here on earth, including
3:53 pm
the military with a great interest up there and all of the solar flares, whatever you call them, can affect the satellites knocking them out quick and if wees there satellite, we loose g.p.s. and military tracking and they affect the power grid. they shut down our electrical system. >>shepard: if i cannot see the yankees and the red sox there will be problems. >>guest: i don't if you will want to see them. >>shepard: are there serious dangers? what causes this? >>guest: they are in the sure. it is space weather. solar weather. the weather patterns on the sun. dramatic to think of it. the temperatures, 80,000 degrees, 143,000 degrees fahrenheit and that is a low temperature, they reached tens of millions of degrees fahrenheit so dramatic. if you watch the footage, amazing, just amazing to watch
3:54 pm
this stuff. >>shepard: that is the color vector factored in with the blues and greens. >>guest: a couple of filters show different aspects of the magnetics going on up there. >>shepard: don't get too close. >>guest: don't look directly. >>shepard: thank you, science and technology editor of fox news. teens getting credit for saving four people from a burning car. state troopers in north carolina say a driver was going 70 miles per hour when the car slammed interest a tree and he was engulfed in planes at teens who were swimming in a creek rushed up to help. >> we pulled the first guy out and his girlfriend comes out and another girl comes out and they said another guy, but he was not wearing a seatbelt and under the car. >> the speed and alcohol played a role in this crash and the driver listed as "critical," and
3:55 pm
faces d.w.i. and reckless driving charges. >> finally, the bears are tired of bouncing on trampolines in the heat and now they are sneaking into swimming pools. what a woman did when she saw this black bear in her backyard. look out, swimming pool.
3:56 pm
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>>shepard: bear alert, 90 degrees in orlando florida and manual being in the heat covered in a punch of black fur. which brings us here. this bear ripped through a gate surrounding a woman's backyard swimming boom and got a little drink, a little dip, until the homeowner ruined it all. >> i made the noise on the patio table to scare him away and he looked up and i did it again and he quickly went back to the same
3:59 pm
hole. >> she is in the going to fix the hole just yet because experts told her the bear will return. the bear could bounce over the fence this way. >> and before we wrap it up, we're number one, a new global poll ranks americans at the funniest, a dating site conducted the poll and if you are suspecting any home country bias that does not appear to be the case, the online description indicates that it is owned by a russian businessman based from london. most users are overseas, as for the opposite end, germany landed in the bottom spot. our research department is looking for german comic to balance out the poll results. if they find one we'll let you know. that's it for "studio b"


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